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The Classroom Study Method

What is Classroom study?

This is face-to-face learning at one of 21 centrally located Kaplan Training Centres. Courses follow a set timetable, and you'll be taught by expert tutors in a weekday, weekend or evening session.

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tutor in the classroom students working on laptop

Who's it for?

It's ideal if you prefer to learn in a classroom environment. Your tutor will guide you and your classmates through the course and help build your confidence ready for sitting your exams.

Session times

Full day sessions run approximately between 9:30am - 4:30pm on weekdays and weekends.
Evening sessions are 2.5 hours long and start from 5:30pm or 6pm.

See timetables for specific location times.

What's included?

  • Chat with tutor

    Chat directly with your tutor and your classmates during collaborative group discussions.

  • Study materials

    Study materials will be handed out on the first day of your course.

  • Support over weekend

    New Dedicated tutor support outside the classroom hours – including evenings and weekends – by LiveChat, email or you can request a callback.

  • MyKaplan

    New Improved MyKaplan with extra online content to help you study and revise outside the timetabled classes.

Explore a Kaplan classroom

Designed to make collaboration easy

Our learning environments have been carefully designed to be flexible, adaptable and engaging.

Each classroom is equipped with wireless technology to make information-sharing instant and clutter-free, while table layouts can be quickly rearranged to suit any situation, whether it's a group debate or a practice exam.

Our classrooms also feature three screens, each of which can be operated independently so that groups of students can work through different material simultaneously.

Greater tutor support and feedback on individual performance

Students are provided with Chromebooks that allow tutors to monitor their performance in real-time during a lesson, giving them insight into when and where students need their assistance.

As well as allowing tutors to spend less time on administration and more on teaching, this makes frequent, individualised feedback one of the core features of the Kaplan learning experience.

Flexibility to work at your own pace

Today's students should be able to learn in any environment, and arrange their personal study at times suitable to them.

MyKaplan gives students access to all their learning resources via one login, providing time-management tools, online tests with instant feedback, and direct contact with tutors – allowing students to take the classroom with them wherever they go.

Deepen your understanding

Kaplan classrooms feature interactive whiteboards, which allow tutors to drill into subjects, highlight and make notes as the students progress through a topic.

As well as being useful for tutors, these also support greater interactivity and collaboration for students – for example, by providing on-screen tools students can use to work through a problem on the whiteboard together.

The right balance of lecturing, discussion, practice and reflection time

At Kaplan, we embrace blended learning – an approach that means our students experience a mixture of in-class discussion and personal tuition, as well as personal study and practice time supported by digital content.

Our modern learning environments are open-plan, with no front or back, so that tutors can easily switch between a traditional style of directive teaching and more informal collaboration with students.

360° teaching

Tutors change the dynamic of the class, moving between different teaching positions and using the coloured whiteboards to draw attention to specific details.

The layout of the classroom makes it as easy for tutors to engage with individual students as well as the entire class.

Start studying in a classroom today

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or select another study method

  • Live Online

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    The nearest thing to sitting in a classroom. Join timetabled live lectures on your computer and post questions for live tutor feedback.

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  • OnDemand

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    Study when it suits you with an efficient tutor-led online course using resources designed specifically to keep you motivated and engaged.

  • Distance Learning

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    Self study with printed and online materials for you to work through at your own pace, with tutor support available when you need it.

Do you have a question about Classroom study?

Our most frequently asked questions are answered here.

Are study materials included in the course price?

Yes, you will receive a Study text, Integrated workbook, Exam kit and Pocket notes. Online study resources can be found on MyKaplan, our online learning environment.

Can I attend an open day before I start my course?

Yes, we offer a range of open days that you can register to attend. Our open days are a great opportunity to explore our classrooms and meet other prospective students.

Do course fees include the exam fees?

No, you can book and pay for your AAT exam online and choose your preferred date, location and time.

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