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Book your exam online

Use the tool below to book your preferred date, location and time instantly or to check when and where computerised exams are running.

If you need help booking your exam, check the guidance below.

Booking guidance

What should I do if I have a problem booking my exam?

In the unlikely event you have a problem when booking your exam, please call 0161 259 7400.

How do I apply for additional exam support?

Add a request for additional support when making your booking and your centre will contact you to discuss your requirements. All requests for additional support have to be approved by CIMA which means that you should make your request at least 4 weeks prior to the OT date or 4 weeks prior to the ICS exam entry deadline.

How should I prepare for a CIMA Professional exam?

The whole of the syllabus is examinable therefore you should have practised and be confident in all syllabus areas.

Our CIMA Professional Courses include the official CIMA study materials and exam practice questions so they are the ideal preparation for the exams.

Answering questions on a computer screen is very different to answering a paper exam therefore practicing answering computer based questions is vital. Kaplan students will be given access to practice questions and a mock exam through their MyKaplan account, which mirror the look of the real exams.

Taking place right before the exam, this half-day session lets you fill in any knowledge gaps with a Kaplan tutor.

There are also practice exams on the CIMA website.

What happens during a CIMA Professional exam?

You should arrive at the exam centre at least 30 minutes before the exam is due to start. You will need to bring two forms of ID with you - one must be a form of photo ID, such as a driving licence or passport, and both must have your signature on them. You will have your photograph taken and need to sign a document to prove your identity.

You are not permitted to bring your mobile phone, pencil case or any paper, books or notes into the exam room with you. An on-screen calculator will be available for you to use. You will also be permitted to use your own calculator, provided it meets CIMA’s requirements. You will have an electronic scratch pad and wipeable white board to use for answer planning.

Watch the 15 minute on-screen tutorial before you begin. You will then have a maximum of 90 minutes to complete each OT exam or 3 hours to complete each ICS. The on-screen timer will show you how long you have left.

The intuitive testing software for the OT exams has a range of question types and will enable CIMA to test technical competency across all syllabus areas. You do not need to answer the questions in order, so you can return to a question later. Don’t leave any multiple choice questions left answered. If you have time left at the end then review each of your answers.

For the ICS exams you will be provided with unseen material and given specific tasks to complete within specific time periods. After each task time period has elapsed your work will be automatically submitted and the next task question will appear. Once submitted, you’re not able to return to a task.

The exam will automatically end after your allocated time is up. If you finish early and are sure that you have answered all questions as best as you possibly can then click ‘Exit’ to submit your exam.

The required pass mark is 70% for OT exams and 60% for ICS exams. For OT exams the invigilator will inform you of your provisional result at the end of the exam; this will be confirmed on MyCIMA within a few days. For ICS exams the results will appear on MyCIMA approximately five weeks later.

For more information on exams please visit the CIMA website.

When can I take my exam?

OT exams are available all year round, subject to availability, at a time to suit you, including evenings and weekends. Although we require you to book your exam at least 5 days prior to your selected exam date, places may get booked early, so we suggest that you book as far in advance as possible to avoid disappointment.

ICS exams are available four times a year (per level). In order for Kaplan to register you for your exam, you must book your place by our Kaplan exam entry deadline which is a week before the official CIMA exam entry deadline. If you are unsure about dates or deadlines, please contact your local Kaplan centre for more information.

CIMA requires students entering for an ICS exam to have passed (or be exempt from) all three OT subjects for that level. CIMA recommend that you complete your OTs at least five working days before you plan to schedule your case study exam. If you have booked an ICS exam with Kaplan and have not passed your OT exams in time, you must cancel your ICS exams with Kaplan, in writing, a minimum of 5 days prior to the Kaplan deadline.

If there are no exam places available at Kaplan when you wish to sit your exam, you can alternatively sit your exam at a CIMA registered Pearson VUE centre.

Where can I take my exam?

The following Kaplan Centres have been accredited by CIMA to hold exams:

If there are no Kaplan exam locations near you, you can alternatively sit your exam at a CIMA registered Pearson VUE centre.

Can I enrol on a CIMA course?

Yes. You will need to enrol on your Professional Qualification course separately to booking your exam.

CIMA Professional Exam booking