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London Case Study Resit options

5 day resit course - this is the standard resit option which includes the preparation and completion of a new mock exam on the first 2 days, the final three days of the course will then focus on using interactive exercises and class discussion to drill down into your real exam Advanced Information.

3 day skills course & 3 day resit - Using a past case study the skills course will focus on the three requirements. The course will cover exam technique for each requirement, sessions on general planning and report writing and three timed requirements marked by the tutor. The 3 day resit will then be focussed on drilling down into your real exam Advanced Information.

3 days skills course & 5 day resit - This course is a combination of the above 2 options in that students will attend the skills course and then the full 5 day resit option.

More about this course

Tutor support

One-to-one support from tutors so the focus is on you and your individual skills.

Mock exam(s)

ICAEW written mock exam(s) to boost your exam technique and confidence.

Tutor debriefs

Individual student feedback on your mock exam(s) and an opportunity to debrief them with your tutor.

Recap key examinable areas

Tutor led recap sessions reinforce key syllabus areas and prepare you for question practice.

Classroom Resit Courses