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AAT 2013 Syllabus Changes

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On 1st September 2013, the AAT AQ2013 was introduced, replacing the AQ2010 syllabus.

If you begin a new level now

You will be automatically assigned to the AQ2013 syllabus. Learn more about each level here:

If you are part way through an AQ2010 level

You have the option to transfer to AQ2013. Depending on which units you’ve passed and what you have to complete, transferring may involve sitting transitional assessments. See our short questionnaire below for our recommendation on whether to transfer to AQ2013.

There is also further information on the AAT website, including some FAQs.

I’m studying AQ2010, should I transfer to the new syllabus?

Q1. Which level are you studying and which units have you completed?
Have you passed
Have you passed
Have you started or passed ICAS?
Or do you only have BTX / PTX outstanding?
Answer Yes
Move onto Question 2
Answer No
Transfer to AQ2013. Enrol on the new AQ13 unit/s (see this FAQ on which units) to be automatically transferred. You won’t need to sit a transitional assessment.
Q2. Will you complete your level by the 31st December 2014?
Answer Yes
Do not transfer, stay on AQ2010. You do not need to take any action.
Answer No
Transfer to AQ2013. You may need to sit transitional assessments. See “How to transfer” below

How to transfer

If you have already passed BCCG, WEAF, PEAF or ICAS, you need to sit a corresponding Transitional Assessment to demonstrate your knowledge of new topics examined under the AQ2013 syllabus.

If you are a Kaplan student, contact us when you are ready to study for your transitional assessment (see which AQ2010 units have transitional assessments). We will organise your free assessment, materials and support to help you prepare.

The Level 4 ICAS assessment is online. Contact us so we can enrol you:
Call 020 7520 1119 or email isys@kaplan.co.uk

All other assessments are at our centres. Contact us for available exam dates and an enrolment form:
Contact your preferred Kaplan centre

We regret we cannot arrange a transitional assessment if you do not study with Kaplan.

FAQs on transferring to AQ2013

Which units are transitional assessments in place for?

4 AQ2010 units have altered significantly under the AQ2013 syllabus. If you have already passed any of these AQ2010 units and wish to transfer to AQ2013, you need to sit a Transitional Assessment for each unit you’ve passed, and only those that are at the level you wish to transferring at.
e.g. If you are transferring at level 3 and have sat PEAF, you only take the PEAF transitional assessment.

Preceding AQ2010 unit New AQ2013 unit
Level 2 BCCG on to BCST
Level 3 PEAF on to PETH
Level 4 ICAS on to ISYS

What format are the transitional assessments in?

For BCCG, WEAF, and PEAF assessments are invigilated exams taken on computer. Once you’ve had the assessment you upload it to LearnPlus for marking.

For the ICAS assessment you will receive a case study. You’ll have 4 weeks from the date you received the case study to write and submit a report . Your report is written in your own time and you will need to research the AAT code of ethics and sustainability to successfully complete it.

When will I receive my results?

The result will be available on LearnPlus approximately 2 weeks after the assessment.

What if I'm an Apprentice?

The situation and process is the same for Government Apprentice as it is for any AAT student.

What support do Kaplan provide to their students preparing for transitional assessments?

For all assessments you will receive additional support from your Kaplan tutors and extra resources.

For BCCG, WEAF, and PEAF additional materials include practice assessments available via MyKaplan.

For ICAS, Kaplan tutors will help you prepare and extra materials will be emailed to you. Your materials will include an example mock report and a document, supplied by Kaplan along with the case study, to guide you through the performance criteria.

How much is the assessment?

Transitional assessments are free to Kaplan students.

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