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Course Curriculum

Our comprehensive range of Financial Markets courses includes areas in Accounting, Equities, Derivatives, Fixed Income and Valuation amongst others. Please find below a sample curriculum of in house deliverables.

Course Duration Level
An Insider’s Guide to the Global Financial Markets 1 day Introductory
Behavioural Finance 1 day Introductory
Introduction to UK Regulations 1 day Introductory
Finance for the Non-financial Manager 2 days Introductory
Islamic Finance 1 day Introductory
Alternative Investments
An Introduction to Alternative Investments 2 days Introductory
The Essential Guide to Hedge Funds 2 days Introductory
Understanding Structured Products 1 day Intermediate
Corporate Finance
Introduction to Corporate Finance 1 day Introductory
Corporate Finance Toolkit 2 days Introductory
Derivatives in Action 1 day Introductory
Derivatives - Pricing and Applications 1 day Intermediate
Understanding Credit Derivatives 1 day Intermediate
Interest Rate Swaps 1 day Intermediate
Interest Rate and Currency Derivatives 1 day Intermediate
Practical Pricing and Applications of FX Derivatives 2 days Intermediate
Introduction to Economics 1 day Introductory
Advanced Macro Economics 2 days Advanced
Introduction to Equity Markets 1 day Introductory
Equity Valuation 2 days Intermediate
Advanced Equity Analysis and Valuation 3 days Advanced
Technical Analysis 1 day Introductory
Technical Analysis – Executing and Managing High Confidence Trades 2 days Intermediate
Financial Maths and Modelling
Introduction to Financial Maths 1 day Introductory
Further Bond Maths 1 day Intermediate
Intermediate Financial Modelling 1 day Intermediate
Financial Statement Modelling and Valuation 1 day Introductory
Corporate Finance Modelling with Excel 3 days Advanced
Analysis of Financial Statements 2 days Introductory
Advanced Analysis of Financial Statements 3 days Advanced
Valuation Toolkit 2 days Introductory
Building a Valuation Model 2 day Intermediate
Accountancy & Financial Management
Accounting Shenanigans 1 day Intermediate
Group Accounting Refresher (UK GAAP) 1 day Intermediate
IFRS Update 1 day Intermediate
Group Accounting Workshop 1 day Intermediate
UK GAAP Update 1 day Intermediate
UK GAAP - Key Differences from IFRS 1 day Intermediate
The Credit Crunch – Financial Reporting and Pre-Insolvency Issues 1 day Intermediate
Overhead Cost Reduction 1 day Intermediate
Planning, Forecasting and Budgeting 2 day Intermediate
Personal Tax Refresher 1 day Intermediate
Refresher and Update on Company Tax 1 day Intermediate
Advanced VAT 1 day Intermediate
VAT and Overseas Trade 1 day Intermediate
VAT for Accounts Payable and Purchase Ledger 1 day Intermediate
VAT: A General Introduction 1 day Introductory
Fixed Income
Introduction to Fixed Income 1 day Introductory
Further Fixed Income 2 day Intermediate
Securitisation 2 day Intermediate
Introduction to Foreign Exchange and Money Markets 1 day Introductory
Treasury and Capital Markets Products – Risk and Applications 2 days Intermediate
Asset & Liability Management 2 days Intermediate
Balance Sheet Management 2 days Intermediate
Investment Management
Introduction to Investment Management 1 day Introductory
Fund Management Techniques 2 days Intermediate
Investment Operations
Introduction to Investment Operations 2 days Introductory
Corporate Actions 1 day Introductory
Life Cycle of a Trade 1 day Introductory
Fund Administration 1 day Introductory
Managing New Business 1 day Intermediate
Credit Risk Management 2 days Intermediate
Market Risk Management 2 days Intermediate
Operational Risk Management 2 days Intermediate
Risk Management for Managers 2 days Intermediate
Wealth Management
Effective Asset Allocation for Private Banking Clients 2 days Intermediate
Technical Competence for Wealth Managers 2 days Intermediate
Understanding Derivative Products 2 days Intermediate
Introduction to Hedge Funds & Private Equity 2 days Intermediate
Basic Tax for Wealth Managers 1 days Introductory

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Course curriculum