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Financial Risk Manager (FRM®) Courses

Kaplan Financial provides comprehensive Part I and Part II FRM® study options tailored towards different learning styles and budgets. FRM® part time is designed for delegates who need to combine work commitments with their FRM® studies.

The FRM® tuition and revision courses are designed to tackle the core concepts of the FRM® exam and help you understand the material so that your home FRM® study becomes far more effective. The focus on these FRM® courses is to develop your understanding of the material. This is backed up with question practice and debriefs to ensure you are comfortable in applying your knowledge to FRM® exam standard questions.

Tutors will ensure that you feel prepared for the style, format and challenges that await you on the day of the FRM® exam.

Study options

Classroom Enhanced

Classroom study with extensive resources and the maximum Part of support plus Schweser study materials.

Blended Enhanced

A combination of online and classroom learning for those wanting maximum flexibility plus Schweser study materials.

Tuition Plus

Classroom tuition delivered alongside a selection of Kaplan Schweser study materials.

Distance Learning

Flexible study option that gives you the opportunity to study at your own pace.

Tuition & Revision Only

Tuition and revision classroom options are also available.

We know it can be hard to decide, so to help you, we’ve made available a handy infographic.

Please refer to our Part 1 and Part 2 comparison charts for full study package content:

Part 1 comparison chart
Part 2 comparison chart

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Study options