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Financial Risk Manager FRM® Courses

Kaplan Financial provides comprehensive FRM® classroom study options tailored towards different learning styles and budgets.  If timing or work constraints prevent delegates from attending any of our classroom courses, there is also a flexible distance learning option available to allow delegates to study at their own pace and at times that are convenient.

Students signing up to our classroom- based delivery automatically receive a 20% discount on all Schweser products and packages.

Part-time FRM® classroom courses

FRM part-time is designed for students who need to combine work commitments with their FRM studies.  Most students either work in the finance industry or are looking to secure future employment within the industry.

FRM® tuition and revision courses summary
Teaching hours

FRM® tuition

  • 5 weekdays Part I: 09.00 - 17.00
  • 6 weekdays Part II: 09.00 - 17.00
  • 12 evenings Part I: 18.00 - 20.30
  • 12 evenings Part II: 18.00 - 20.30

FRM® revision

  • 3 weekdays: 09.00 - 17.00
Learning material
  • Kaplan classroom slides developed by Kaplan's International FRM® teaching faculty referenced to current assigned readings and learning outcome references. Slides are fully integrated with Kaplan Schweser online materials
  • Your choice of Kaplan Schweser study packages - not included in the course price
  • Revision courses include summary mindmaps and a proprietary question and answer bank
Tutor access Access to tutor support via email
Class sizes Up to 30 delegates


Weekday and evening tuition courses

The tuition courses are designed to tackle the core concepts of the FRM exam and help you understand the material so that your home study becomes more effective.

At the start of the courses, every delegate is handed a slide pack covering all AIM statements and giving delegates full coverage of the material. In addition, "Calculate" AIM statements are always illustrated via a relevant numerical example. The slides are cross-referenced and follow the order of the Schweser Notes giving delegates an even more summarised version of the knowledge expected from them on exam day.

The FRM tuition courses do not cover every part the curriculum. What our courses specialise in is helping you focus on the key parts of the syllabus. We assist in developing your understanding of each area including trickier, more technical concepts. A commitment to devote the needed study hours outside the classroom and practise sample mocks under time conditions are essential to passing both Parts of the exam.


Weekday revision courses

Our intensive 3 day FRM revision course reviews the big picture concepts throughout the syllabus using mindmaps. Most importantly, the course then applies those concepts using our question and answer bank. Fully worked-out solutions are provided, and trickier questions are debriefed live in front of the class. Our lecturers will ensure that delegates feel prepared for the style, format and challenges that await them on the day of the FRM exam.

The revision FRM course can be attended without previously attending one of our tuition courses and/or viewing the Schweser online seminars. However, many self-study candidates overestimate the time they will be able or willing to dedicate to their studies at home. For this reason, we generally recommend that to make most of our revision courses delegates should attend one of the tuition courses beforehand. We recommend that you combine your tuition and revision courses with the Schweser Essential Solution.


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