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CIMA Syllabus

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CIMA E2 – Project and Relationship Management

CIMA Paper E2 forms part of the Management Level. You can sit this paper with any other Management Level paper.

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E2 Syllabus Information

Aim of the syllabus

E2 emphasises a holistic, integrated approach to managing organisations, from external and internal perspectives. It builds on the understanding of organisational structuring gained from E1 and is centred on the concept of strategy and how organisational strategy can be implemented through people, projects, processes and relationships. It provides the basis for developing further insights into how to formulate and implement organisational strategy, which is covered in E3.

Topics covered

  • Introduction to strategic management and assessing the global environment (30%)
  • The human aspects of the organisation (20%)
  • Managing relationships (20%)
  • Managing change through projects (20%).
  • Degree students may qualify for exemptions from the Management Level depending on the content of your degree.
  • E2 topics will be underpinning knowledge in the E3 paper.

Find out more about exemptions.

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E2 Project and Relationship Management