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The Skills module must be attempted before the Essentials or Options modules.

Within each module you can take the subjects in any order. P2 should be attempted with or before P7.

Contact us if you need any advice on which subjects to take or read our syllabus guide.

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Tutor-led tuition lectures

As well as live support during the online lectures, tutors are available by email, MyKaplan and the discussion forums at other times. Our tutors aim to answer your questions within 24 hours.

Courses available across
all 4 sittings

We offer courses for all 4 sittings to allow you to plan your studies across the year.

Tuition recordings

All live lectures are recorded, allowing you to recap a tricky topic or catch up on a missed session. Watch, pause and rewind as many times as you like. RecordingsØ are available the next working day on MyKaplan.

Ultimate Learning Experience

Get a Lifetime Pass Guarantee when you upgrade to the Ultimate Learning Experience by ordering a Tuition course, Revision course and Question Based Day in the same transaction.

What is Live Online?

Watch the video on the left to find out more about Live Online.

Live Online is a revolutionary, interactive way to study wherever you are, offering the benefits of the traditional classroom but with the flexibility of the online environment.

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Get ready for your exam with Interim and Final Assessments. Gain a better understanding of how each topic is tested. Get feedback on your answers and find out where you need to improve. Take personalised tests that focus on the areas you choose.

Keep on track with with study reminders in the personalised calendar on MyKaplan. MyKaplan keeps all your learning resources in one place.

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Have confidence that you're learning exactly what you need for the exam. All study texts and study notes are from Kaplan Publishing, an ACCA-approved content provider, included in your course fee and delivered to your chosen address.

ØRecordings will be made available on MyKaplan approximately 1 working day after the session has taken place.

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