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Personalised classes

The interactive class structure identifies and adapts to the needs of the individual. Get extra support if you're falling behind, or more challenging tasks to develop you further.

Excellent pass rates

Over 23,000 students have studied AAT with Kaplan. Our pass rates are up to 94%.**

Mock exams with feedback

Develop your exam technique with practice assessments, tests and at least one mock exam in the format of the real exam. Improve your performance in the exam with feedback on your answers. These may be attempted in class or as part of your homework – your tutor will advise.

Study materials included

A complete range of Kaplan's AAT study materials are included in the price of your course. Get the Study Text, Focus Notes, Revision Kit and Pocket Notes.^

More about this course

Peace of mind in the unlikely event you fail an exam. Get a free resit course and/or attend a Classroom PassPlus tuition course again for free. You'll also have ongoing tutor support at no extra cost until you pass.

Apply what you learn to realistic case studies - the perfect way to gain the skills you need for the workplace. More time spent on group exercises and real-life examples - making learning more fun and engaging so you retain what you learn in class.

All tutors are qualified in the field of accounting and have real world examples to share with the class.

Our AAT course will equip you for the modern workplace. We have identified and embedded 20 key employability skills into our AAT units. This list includes assertiveness, commercial awareness, decision making, self evaluation, team work, time management and verbal and written communication.

All your study resources in one place through MyKaplan, including personalised calendar with study reminders, videos, eLearning and mock exams.

Kaplan was named AAT's Apprenticeship Training Provider of the Year in 2015 and 2016. Our PassPlus Courses won PQ Magazine's 2014 Innovation in Accountancy award and Kaplan was named as AAT's Large Training Provider of the Year for 2014.

A dedicated tutor to keep you focused on your studies until you pass.

View prices and enrol

Choose what you want to study:

If you are paying by card or your employer is sponsoring you, you can enrol online. Your employer will need to authorise the transaction via email if they are paying on your behalf.

For help choosing which order to take your courses, read our recommendations for Level 2, Level 3 and Level 4.

An induction course is compulsory if you are enrolling on your first course for that level. If you have missed your local induction course you will be provided with an online recording.

Choose your location:

Choose your course:

Enrolment recommendations

Level 2 Students

Processing Bookkeeping Transactions (PBKT) should be the first unit to be attempted at this level. The next unit to attempt is Control Accounts, Journals and the Banking System (CJBS), as you will need knowledge from PBKT in your CJBS course.

Apart from this requirement, the remainder of the units at level 2 can be completed in any order.

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Find out more about Level 2 Certificate >

Level 3 Students

We recommend that you spread your level 3 studies over 12 months.

The Bookkeeping course is considered essential when starting level 3 if you have not previously studied AAT at level 2, and should be completed before the following two subjects.

Accounts Preparation (ACPR) should be attempted before Prepare Financial Statements for Sole Traders and Partnerships (FSTP), as you will need the knowledge from ACPR in your FSTP course.

Apart from these requirements, you can start level 3 with any unit.

The Spreadsheet (SDST) course involves pre-course work on MyKaplan to be started 6 weeks before the first study date. Please read your course confirmation email carefully to understand what is required, or contact your local Kaplan centre.

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Find out more about Level 3 Diploma >

Level 4 Students

We recommend that you spread your level 4 studies over 12 months. You have to complete 4 compulsory and 2 optional units. You can start level 4 with any unit.

The Internal Controls and Accounting Systems (ISYS) unit is delivered via online videos with support from a dedicated ISYS team, and starts on the 15th day of the month that you select. You should ideally select to study this in a month when you are not attending other AAT courses.

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Find out more about Level 4 Diploma >

#Lifetime Pass Guarantee requires 100% attendance of the classroom course/Live Online sessions. Full terms and conditions apply.
^CPAG, SDST units do not include Focus or Pocket Notes. WKAF unit does not include Pocket Notes. Bookkeeping and ISYS Levels will receive materials via emails.
**AAT pass rate of 94% based on overall AQ2013 Level 2 pass rates from Sept 14 - Aug 15

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