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Kaplan Talent Partners - Approach to Subcontracting Government Funded Provision 2018/19


  • Kaplan Financial – Talent Partners Overarching Statement of Strategic Intent
  • Kaplan Financial – Supply Chain Fees and Charges Policy  2018-19


Kaplan has been training the world’s leading professionals for more than 60 years – working with businesses and individuals to develop careers and achieve commercial success. The principle of working in partnership to achieve personal and commercial success is well established, and a key component of Kaplan Financials' operating model. Kaplan Financials’ approach to subcontracting is predicated on this principle, and its (overarching) statement of strategic intent provides context and direction.

Everything Kaplan Financial does is influenced by its core values - which are:

  • Integrity – We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards in everything we do.
  • Knowledge – We offer expert resources to help students achieve their academic and career best.
  • Support – We provide students with the tools they need to succeed.
  • Opportunity – We open doors and broaden access to education.
  • Results – We are dedicated to helping students achieve their goals - we succeed when they succeed.

The purpose of this document is to provide direction for those charged with implementing the strategy and managing any subcontracted provision funded under the prime contract Kaplan Financial holds with the ESFA.

Strategic and Business aims

In keeping with its principles and core values Kaplan Financial aims to:

  • Facilitate access to education and skills training to enable people and businesses to be effective and successful in their workplace/markets and in life
  • Provide a clear curriculum offer(s) to meet current and future skills needs
  • Achieve organic growth in its existing markets by expanding its current provision
  • Diversify its income through developing its Apprenticeship and Pre-employment offer
  • Develop corporate partnerships and where appropriate leverage these to benefit the business and its clients
  • Ensure that its relationships are based on integrity and mutual respect
  • Continually scan the horizon to identify and realise new opportunities as they come available
  • Be technologically superior to the competition

Approach to Subcontracting

Partnership working as a core principle routinely allows Kaplan Financial to realise its strategic and business aims – Subcontracting (as a logical extension of this principle) is often an effective method of realising our medium to long-term strategic aims.

  • Kaplan Financial will not enter into subcontracts as a means of addressing short-term funding objectives
  • A legally binding contract will be put in place with each (appointed) delivery subcontractor which will include all applicable terms set out in the funding rules relating to the prime contract(s) that Kaplan Financial holds with the ESFA

Risk Management

In considering any formal subcontract arrangement Kaplan Financial will ensure that:

  • The proposed provision is consistent with its strategic aims and enhances the quality of the learner offer.
  • The proposal is aligned to, and fully compliant with the priorities, rules/guidance and ‘spirit’ of the primary contract it holds with the ESFA (or any other funder).
  • Ensure there is no conflict of interest.
  • Carry out due diligence checks to assess the level of risk posed and whether it has the knowledge, skills and experience to effectively manage the proposed subcontract activity.
  • Ensure that the proposed provision meets one or more of the following essential criteria:
    • Enhances accessibility to education, training and support for learners, employers and/or communities.
    • Widens participation amongst learner groups that may otherwise face barriers to participation in learning and work.
    • Addresses any identified requirements/demands of stakeholders where internal capacity and or skills-base does not exist (and will not be developed by Kaplan Financial in the short-term).
    • Provide a curriculum offer that meets identified government priorities.

Commitment to Improving Quality

Kaplan Financial is committed to improving the Quality of Teaching and Learning of all provision funded under its prime contract with the ESFA and will work with its subcontractors to ensure continuous improvements are put in place across the range of provision being supplied.

Performance Management Approach

Kaplan Financial will manage the performance of its subcontractors through:

  • Contract Value Review
  • Accuracy and timeliness of Data
  • Minimum Levels of Performance
  • Overall level of risk presented/perceived

Where funding evidence requirements have not been fully met, delivery has not been undertaken and/or funding criteria or methodology has changed, Kaplan may suspend, recover and/or offset future funding payments to the subcontractor to mitigate the risk to public funds.

Management Fees

The typical percentage range charged by Kaplan Financial is between 0% and 20% on an incremental 5% scale. The fee charged will be negotiated with individual subcontractors and will be based on the perceived/evidenced level of risk which will be monitored and reviewed periodically. Where circumstances dictate that it is appropriate to do so Kaplan Financial may consider waiving its contract management fee however, it is stressed that this will always be an exception to the policy.

Support to be Provided to Subcontractors

The ‘Supply Chain’ must be jointly responsible for delivery of consistent high-quality provision to all learners and employers funded under Kaplan Financials primary contract with the ESFA. As a minimum Kaplan Financial will provide the following services and support to its subcontractors to facilitate this:

  • A designated Quality Coach
  • Regular performance updates against clear measures of success
  • Regular performance and quality visits
  • Access to the feedback and recommendations of external/independent Quality and Compliance Consultants engaged by Kaplan Financial to identify and mitigate compliance and quality risks
  • Enrolment documentation, input and preparation of registers/progress review planning
  • MIS support to ensure courses are set up correctly and data input is correct to maximise funding
  • Monthly review data - Funding Compliance Audit
  • Observation of Teaching, Learning and Assessment
  • Additional support may be necessary/available dependant on the specific requirements of the contract

Payment Terms

Providing all funding requirements have been met, payments will be made by Kaplan Financial to the subcontractor according to the schedule for submission and payments identified in the Contract for Services, Service Level Agreement. Invoices will be paid within 30 days of invoice receipt, providing the funding has been received by Kaplan Financial from the ESFA.

Communication of the strategy

  • The strategy is published on the Kaplan Financial intranet
  • The strategy underpins and mandates the subcontracting policy which is communicated/signposted to potential subcontractors as part of the procurement process

Review of the Strategy

The strategy, policy and contract for services (template) will be reviewed on an annual basis by the Managing Director of Kaplan Talent Partners to ensure that the director is satisfied that all proposed subcontracting meets the strategic aims of the business and enhances the quality of the learner offer.

Kaplan may undertake a review at any time in response to material changes in the funding and or business landscape, including but not limited to, changes in government policy and/or funding.

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Kaplan Talent Partners - Approach to Subcontracting Government Funded Provision 2018