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Design Methodology

The most important part of training is not what individuals learn in formal workshop environments, but rather how they apply this knowledge to their individual roles in everyday situations. Consequently, our training programs are fully customised according to the required shift in knowledge, attitudes and behaviour.

In developing the training programs that we deliver, we seek to apply the four-stage process outlined below. Potential features of these stages are highlighted below the diagram, together with some illustrative benefits of these features.

Financial product learning needs

Stage 1 – Define learning outcomes

Potential features Illustrative benefits
Interviews with stakeholders and previous graduates Establishes a complete and integrated set of learning outcomes
Identification of the current knowledge of the graduates Ensures the programme is designed in the context of current skills levels
Establish the further skills needed to meet the objectives of the organisation Ensures the programme focuses on desired outcomes rather than content

Stage 2 – Course and material design

Potential features Illustrative benefits
Course designed to address the skills gap identified in Stage 1 Ensures that delegates are satisfied by focusing on their specific needs
Modular format Ensures that the programme is flexible enough to meet operational needs
Truly customised, utilising in-house examples and case studies Establishes the link between training and practical application

Stage 3 – Course delivery

Potential features Illustrative benefits
Highly interactive, incorporating exercises, activities and discussions Ensures the effectiveness of the training
Cross-business group work Encourages a broader business perspective on the impact of decisions
High profile executive support Promotes the importance of this programme to the organisation

Stage 4 – Effectiveness analysis leading to ongoing learning

Features Benefits
Feedback questionnaires Establishment of the effectiveness of the programme
Follow-up workshops driven by results from the feedback questionnaires Ensures the reinforcement of learning and its application in practice

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Design Methodology