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Why Study Kaplan's CIPFA Course?

For over 70 years, Kaplan has been student focused and results driven. We are committed to helping people achieve their learning and career goals. Lets us help you build your own success story.


CIPFA's workbooks cover the entire course, leaving nothing out.

Expert Tutors

Our tutors have full knowledge of exam syllabus and the best methods for teaching.

Accredited provider

Kaplan is a CIPFA accredited training provider

Choose how you would like to study

Live Online Tuition

Teaches you the knowledge behind each CIPFA paper.

  • Workbooks
  • Tuition progress test
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Live Online Revision

Reinforces your knowledge in preparation for an exam.

  • Access to online practice assessments mirroring the real exam
  • Exam essentials
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What is Live Online?

Live Online is a revolutionary, interactive way to study wherever you are, offering the benefits of the traditional classroom but with the flexibility of the online environment.

  • Covers the same material as a classroom course
  • Ask questions at any point during or after a live class
  • Recorded lectures so you can watch again on demand
  • Extra recorded content on key topics

Why study CIPFA?

CIPFA qualifications are the most robust and relevant accountancy qualifications for the public services - both in the UK and internationally. CIPFA’s unique combination of technical accounting and managerial skills is highly prized in many areas of business and commerce making the skills you learn highly transportable between both public and private sectors.

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UK and International qualifications

CIPFA's Professional Qualification (PQ) is the most robust and relevant accountancy qualification for those working in the public services in the UK. The Professional qualification is for those that would like to develop their skills and further their career in the public services with many of the skills transferable to the private sector.

CIPFA's International Public Financial Management (IPFM) qualification is for international students who want to further their financial management skills on the global stage. The qualification involves four stages leading to full Chartered Public Finance Accountant (CPFA) status.

Please note, International courses are not yet available for online enrolment. To view course prices please download the timetable. You can use the enrolment form to enrol.

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